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History of

The Bonchurch Inn


The Bonchurch Inn began life as the Tap of the Bonchurch Family Hotel. The history of the building goes back to the early 1840s to Bonchurch carpenter Jonathan Jolliffe.

On the right of this image you can see the door to the original Bonchurch Tap room.

On the far left of this photos is the outside wall of where the stables where but is now the public house. 

The Tap continued in operation, becoming the Bonchurch Inn, the name appearing in Kelly’s Directory of 1924/25. 

With the invention of the motor car, the stables and coach houses were no longer needed. The Tap was moved over the courtyard which became The Bonchurch Inn.


There is now a main bar and a family room, with an outdoor eating area for the summer months.

Very little has changed at the Bonchurch inn making it one of the most unspoilt pubs on the Isle of Wight.

Ulisse and Gillian Besozzi have been landlords since 1984 and are now partners with their children Adrian Besozzi and Victoria Brooman-Besozzi.

With Ulisse's (Nino) sadly passing away in 2016 his legacy lives on throughout the family, with new generation's.

He is often spoken about fondly by old friends and visitors at the Bonchurch Inn and will always be remembered.

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